"Frog on" - Frog Friendly Coffee

"Frog on" -  Frog Friendly Coffee
One thing I love about the business community I am part of, is the connections and friends we make along the journey.

Years ago my husband was working with a local distribution company here in BC, helping them with sales and opening new accounts.

They were working with a local women entrepreneur who was launching her coffee brand into the retail channels.

I met Karla at one of our industry trade shows and there was an instant connection.

After trying her Frog Friendly Coffee, I instantly knew this was special, as was she.

I love my morning ritual and once I experienced the clean stomach friendly low acidity and great taste of this coffee I was hooked.

I looked forward to seeing Karla at all our trade shows and would order directly from her by the case so I would not be without my favourite .
Honestly , I fell in love with her brand .

"Everything you do should be a reflection of your values and how you see the world" - Karla Ferster

I couldn't agree more.

You won't find a more committed passionate and authentic person. She exudes all of this and more in her brand.

Thank you Karla for bringing this wonderful cup of JOY to BC and Canadians at large.


Chef Pola

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